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FREE YOU TRIPOD SOCKET. Dual BosTail - For Cameras with Two Strap Lugs on the Same Side. Attach your Carabiner to Dual BosTail's Ring.

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Item Number: BosTD
Dual BosTailTM -  Made in the USA - Not Available in Stores


Battery grips on some professional cameras provide an extra strap attachment point.  The Dual BosTail is designed to take advantage of that second strap location provided on the battery grip. The Dual BosTail lets you attach to a strap lug on the camera body and to the additional strap lug on the battery grip of many popular cameras.  

A Dual BosTail replaces the threaded tripod fitting supplied with other brands of sling straps.  The Dual BosTail is designed to minimizes the stress that heavy cameras create when straps are attached only by a threaded tripod fitting.   With a Dual BosStrap the camera is attached to a strap at the manufacturer's designed locations.  Stress is eliminated in the camera's tripod fitting, internal seals and chassis.  In addition, a Dual BosTail completely eliminates the worry about the tripod socket loosening because you don't use a tripod socket.

The 3/8” wide free ends of the Dual BosTail attach to the camera body strap lug and battery grip strap lug. The other ends are permanently sewn to an attachment ring.  A Dual BosTail will not interfere with a tripod plate or L-Bracket. You can mount you plate or bracket on the camera body and leave it there.

The Dual BosTail comes with two slip lock fitting, two keepers and a nickel plated metal ring.  Each tail of the Dual BosTail can be independently adjusted from 2-1/2" to 6-1/2" to accommodate different camera body heights and carrying configurations. Dual BosTails are rated to hold over 60 pounds static weight.

You can read about attachment points at wheretoattach.pdf.



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Love my double tail
Dana Lane (Leominster, MA) 9/9/2013 2:03 PM
I'm an early adopter of the dual tail bostail and I wouldn't dream of using any other camera attachment. This works perfectly with my "R" strap (from another company), providing a better alternative for camera attachment than what the other guys offer. This allows the camera to hang from my strap at the perfect location for grabbing and shooting.
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