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Nothing to Remove. Stow 
BosStrap Around Lens


BosStrap Offers Discounts for Camera Club Members


Save 10% when your club orders three to five BosStrap Systems or BosStrap Bundles (you can mix items). 


Save 15% when your club orders more than five BosStrap Systems or BosStrap Bundles (you can mix items).   



To qualify, your quantity order must be placed at the same time and shipped to one address.  Contact BosStrap ( ,1-508-251-1345) for discount code before you place your order. 
For example:  If your club orders five BosStrap Systems at $39.95 each, the total cost (less shipping) will be:
5 X $39.95 - 10% of $39.95 = $179.78
Adding one more Bosstrap System results in: 
6 X $39.95 - 15% of $39.95 = $203.75
That's just $23.97 for the sixth BosStrap System.
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