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Nothing to Remove. Stow 
BosStrap Around Lens


BosStrap One Piece Sliding Sling Strap. BosStrap OP has a 1-1/2" wide Strap for DSLR cameras. Attaches to a Camera Strap Lug.

Price: $39.95 plus $4.00 Shipping (USA)
Item Number: Bos1.5OP

BosStrap One Piece Sliding Sling Strap for DSLR Cameras

Video: BosStrap Features

The BosStrap One Piece Sliding Sling Strap (BosStrap OP) is designed to carry your DSLR camera safely and comfortably, while offering easy accessibility and extreme simplicity.

Like the neck strap that came with your camera, the BosStrap OP always remains attached to your camera.  But the BosStrap OP has significant differences compared to conventional neck straps.   

A sliding sling strap is more than just a strap worn diagonally across your body to take the camera weight off your neck.  Sliding sling straps use a special fitting that moves along the diagonal strap, not requiring the strap itself to move.  Your camera is attached to a sliding fitting.  When not shooting, the camera safely rests at your right side for hands free security. 

The camera glides up to shooting position because of the sliding fitting. When you bring the camera up from your side, the sling strap does not pull on your shirt.

Since the strap attaches to the left (recommended) camera strap lug, there is nothing to interfere with the camera controls on the right side of the camera.  Shooting horizontally or vertically is equally unencumbered by the BosStrap OP.  

The BosStrap OP Sling Strap is engineered to be the simplest sliding sling strap on the market.  The 64” long, 1½” wide smooth nylon strap has a single adjustment buckle and a triglide to neatly retain any excess strap length after fitting.  There is no need for a cumbersome and roaming shoulder pad because the wide strap comfortably distributes the weight of your DSLR on your shoulder, not on your neck.  A low profile nickel plated fitting slides on the strap.    A 3/8” wide, 8” long nylon tail, sewn to the fitting, attaches to the left camera strap lug slot, or the triangular split ring on the strap post.

Once you attach the BosStrap OP to the camera, you never need remove it.  Your camera is attached to the BosStrap OP using the strap lug on the camera, not the tripod socket. With the BosStrap OP, there are no releasable connectors or threaded fittings to remove from the tripod socket.   The tripod socket is always available.

Because there is no shoulder pad with the BosStrap OP, stowing the BosStrap is as easy as wrapping the strap around the lens.

BosStrap OP Sliding Sling Strap offers many unique features:

  • The BosStrap OP Sling is specifically designed for DSLR cameras,
  • One piece construction – never worry about the camera becoming disconnected from the strap,
  • Tripod socket is always available,
  • BosStraps are 64” long,
  • Long OP Tail - allows more angular adjustment of the 1½” BosStrap strap to fine tune comfort,
  • Significantly reduced metal parts – avoids metal contact with the camera body,
  • Attaches to the left (recommended) camera strap lug – easily switch from hand-held to tripod without removing anything
  • Nothing occupying the tripod socket - camera can sit on a flat surface,
  • No straps in the way when shooting horizontal or vertical – strap does not interfere with controls,
  • No shoulder pad is required – nothing to constantly move back in place,
  • Wear under a jacket or raincoat for street photography or weather protection,
  • Comfortable, smooth, strong nylon seat belt webbing – 1½” wide to distribute the camera weight,
  • Frees both hands – camera safely remains at your side when not in use,
  • Engineered to support over 60 pounds -10x the typical weight of a professional rig,
  • Easy to stow – simply wrap the BosStrap OP around your lens,
  • Simple design – one piece construction,
  • Works with left or right handed shooters,
  • No fittings, buckles or screws to disconnect, ever!
  • BosStrap is entirely made with USA parts and labor – right down to the thread!
  • One year replacement warranty on defective parts,
  • 30 day no questions asked full refund including postage.

 Put one on your camera and leave it on. 


Type of Strap                                              Sliding Sling, One Piece

Color                                                            Black

Occupies Tripod Socket                            No

Attachment Point                                        A Camera Strap Lug

Fully Adjustable                                          Yes, both BosStrap sling and OP Tail

BosStrap Material                                       Nylon Seat Belt

BosStrap Size                                            1½” wide, 64” long

OP Tail Material                                          Nylon

OP Tail Size                                               ⅜” wide, 8” long, 1,100 lb test

Fittings                                                        Metal, Acetal, Nylon

Storage                                                       Wrap around lens, no need to remove

Weight                                                        3.7 oz. (107 grams)

Warrantee                                                  Yes, full 1 year on defects

Manufactured                                             USA



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Wish I Would Have Tried BosStrap First.
John Blanke (Metairie, LA) 7/25/2013 11:07 AM
Simply what a modern day camera strap should be. I tried more expensive competing brands and was not satisfied. The BosStrap is more comfortable, more secure, more easily adjusted, less bulky, more easily stored and more affordable than any of the other brands I have tried. It is simple in its design, but engineered for comfort and security. When you "draw" your camera to take the picture, it's as though the strap isn't there. And when you rest the camera on your hip for carry, you can do so with full confidence that the attachment to the strap lug, rather than the tripod socket, is supporting your expensive gear as the manufacturer intended it!! Had I bought the BosStrap to begin with, the only other camera strap that I would have bought again would have been a second BosStrap for my other SLR, although the G3 tail (weight rated at 60 lbs.!) allows for quick release and use among several DSLR's. In my opinion, BosStrap is the only strap to buy.
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